New Year's Eve 2017

The epicenter of the good mood in the "Three" on the threshold of the restaurant, the fire rooster.

December 31 You will participate in not only a grand New Year's dinner, but also take part in a unique event - the presentation of the mega "Golden Cockerel 2017" award.

Flash cameras, exclusive interviews, red carpet, champagne splash, men in tuxedos, ladies in fiery red ...

And this is only the beginning.

Senior New Year's Eve "dandy" with a glossy cover, flashing master of words, rhymester and sonneteer, singer and charismatic man (ladies beware) Dmitry Zhdanov, accompanied by master DJ turntables, the white and black keys (but mostly white), the king of the dance floor - DJ Pozitifff. And also offers the most beautiful girls and courageous guys "Troika" show-ballet, a bright New Year's program. The whole evening fun and original interactive, christmas festive flashmob, hip-hop and dance battles, karaoke show from the master, songs, dances and heading "NATIONAL DJ». On this night, all guests will be able to go down in history as especially on the premium we will do the most positive and the massive New Year # selfie. And of course the occasional bomb, the apogee of the night - the presentation of the main prize, the Golden Cockerel, Prize for the positive.

And after midnight master drumsticks, synthesizer and magnificent vocals, that is our group "Up to 6 am," take a holiday in their own hands, dancing to the finish!

smooth transition to the menu:

Counter cocktail

Champagne with fresh strawberries and sugar cockerel.

The holiday will last a long time, so the gastronomic fantasy of the eminent chef "Troika" Sergei Rechkalova requires frequent change of dishes.

Individual snacks

very cold

The phalanx coconut crab on a bed and tomato consomme

Hot to measure

Celestine rabbit meat with arancini stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, artichokes and Relish of ripe tomatoes


Sorbet berry

The main hot dish

Duck fillet grilled on a slice of ripe watermelon, orange sauce and meat strudel

The table serves:

Basalt Plateau with exotic fruits and cheeses and outlandish sweets Unconventional "Olivier" with chicken meat, grapes and walnuts Fish abundance: tartar of salmon, hot smoked eel, white fish in jelly surrounded by apple and wasabi Meat abundance: ham, galantine of turkey, veal tongue, eclairs with chicken liver pâté


Multilevel work of confectioners "Troika" will appear in the restaurant with much fanfare with fireworks - Cake «The Golden Cockerel»

alcoholic beverages Map varied and impressive, allowing each guest to show imagination and creativity (* creative excluded invitation card)!