New Year's Eve 2016

"They ka-ah-to jump! Or Christmas extravaganza Brazilian millionaire"

New Year's Eve 2016

Hostess pm in the "Troika" of the four-Brazilian mammals - shameless, whimsical, monkey with a great sense of humor. By becoming her and lead «a kind man. This is something!». The most accurate leading St. Petersburg, according to the London-based magazine «Time» - Sergey Sagittarius. And «old soldier who does not know the words of love», saxophonist virtuoso - Andrew Prudkovsky.

In the New Year's Eve in our company will be "professional poseur" show ballet "Troika". Gorgeous girls in ostrich feathers, sequins and pearls and young people the brutal kind, flexing muscles on the tanned bodies and all the music of Latin American artists.

So, this evening we will have a rest "in our opinion, is Brazilian," and offer to do:

  • - Enjoy the view of the Brazilian forests, where many, many wild monkeys
  • - Drink rum, gin or whiskey for Don Pedro
  • - Learn how to dance the "old soldier" and found him finally, his millionaire.

At 23:55 recital of Russia presiding in five Brix.

And after midnight master drumsticks, synthesizer and magnificent vocals, will light together with you in the rhythm of samba, rumba and cha-cha-cha.

Dress code - very bright. But do not fret if your favorite color Petersburgers - Black, New Year's Eve will find it bright.

If you are looking for the most cheerful holiday in St. Petersburg - you are to us!

Especially recommended for patients accustomed to celebrate the winter holidays on the sandy beaches.

A smooth transition to the menu.

«- Donna Rose, I beg you, tell me, what can quench your thirst tormented traveler?

- A glass of whiskey.

- would be a good idea»

Counter cocktail: a sip of whiskey brigadeiro.

The holiday will last a long time, so the gastronomic fantasy of the eminent chef "Troika" Mikhail Dmitriev suggests frequent change of dishes.

«- Auntie, let me offer you a little piece of roast beef.

- Thank you, darling, thank you. Only a piece can be more. Put me everything. I mean, lots of garnish».

Individual meals

very cold

Improvisation on a tablespoon of "black" caviar in a haystack. Served in a crystal glass

Hot in moderation

Radical black banana cream "Bacardi" and prawns


Pineapple Flip with strawberry foam

The main hot dish

Stifado veal stew with spicy pumpkin and sweet potato, sweet chili, ginger and coriander

The table serves:

Basalt Plateau with exotic fruits and cheeses, glazed hazelnuts, mango Unconventional Brazilian "Olivier" Tapas Meat: Roast venison with cranberry jam; pork breast with agave syrup; stewed turkey fillet in sweet chili. Fish tapas: tuna "Albacore" in the crust of sesame and cocoa balsamic with the juice of ginger; Atlantic salmon with lime juice and tequila.


Unmatched fancy pastry "Troika" - halvichny cake "Flock wild monkeys on the Christmas tree " alcoholic beverages Map varied and impressive, allowing each guest to show imagination and creativity (* creative excluded invitation card)!