New Year's Eve 2020 in the Troika restaurant

Christmas Ratatouille or winter holidays in Paris

In the coming New Year, the Troika restaurant invites You to a Grand gala dinner. Under the guidance of the mouse Remy you will be able to feel like a real gourmet, to celebrate the New Year's Eve under the incendiary rhythms of cancan, and possibly win the main prize.

Russian color and French sophistication, so will meet you in the "Troika" restaurant in the night. Already on the threshold of the charming burlesque performers will treat you to an exquisite French snack and sparkling drink. But this is for the ladies, and for their gentlemen already in store a bottle of Russian strong drink.  

And in the Great hall you will already be waiting for one of the best presenters of the Northern capital – Dmitry Zhdanov, he is a sparkling master of words, a singer and just a charismatic man! This evening, guests will be able to become participants of culinary battles, as well as participate in unique interactivity and competitions. Who is the best Parisian fashion designer among the guests or the greatest connoisseur of French cheeses and wines? This and much more we will learn at your most unforgettable new Year celebration!

And as always, the highlight of the holiday will be the show ballet "Troika", comparable in fame and beauty to the Moulin Rouge. Charming girls and manly guys, fantastic costumes and familiar melodies will not let you get bored all night.

But that's not all! Deep into the night we'll let you prove yourself on the dance floor. Our professional musical ensemble and magnificent voice of the vocalist will not let you sit still!

Go to the menu:

Meeting guest

Right at the door you will be met by chefs of extra class and a Chocolate fountain with exotic fruits. And you will be offered a glass of sparkling drink.


The table is serve

"French" cheeses in the ensemble with nuts, honey and berries. Salad "nisoise" with grilled tuna, tomatoes, red onions, baby potatoes, olives, string beans and mustard-wine sauce

"Olivier in our way" with veal tongues, smoked meat and quail egg

"Fish plate" terrine of walleye and salmon, salmon weak salt, hot smoked eel

Traditional Christmas fruits and sweets


Individual snack

Legendary French foie Gras on Apple curd with black bread crouton, figs and wild berries


Hot snack

Tender julienne with king crab meat in cream sauce


Fruit and berry sorbet


The main hot dish

Christmas Ratatouille with quail stuffed with porcini mushrooms and smoked meats


Cake "Night Paris or Mouse dreams"


The card of alcoholic drinks will allow to bring in a holiday a creative approach! (alcohol is included in the ticket price)


The cost of New Year's Eve - 15 500 rubles per person.