Intellectual game "Battle of Wits"

Attention! Attention! August 30 at 20:00 in the restaurant "Troika" will be the final game of the season of intellectual games "Battle of Wits." "I do not see how others play, play themselves."

As always positive sea, complex issues, and delicious food. At this time, the restaurant 'Troika' experts prepared for an incredibly delicious and unusual cake "Owl" will be enough for everyone. And of course the special prizes for the winners. Come!

A little about the rules:

The game is played in a quiz format, in which several teams confront each other and answer questions from different areas of knowledge. The game consists of four rounds, each round Theme:

1. First round - format questions "what where when???", Where the answer can be found by logic. In this round of questions divided into several categories. Within each category value in question varies, depending on the complexity.

2. Music round (format "Name That Tune") - you need to guess the number of songs in different directions: from classical and creativity Gufan to soundtracks from advertising.

3. Visual Round - This round will need to guess what is depicted in the picture: it can be as film stills and portraits of famous people.

4. The fourth round - usually has a theme. It summarizes all the previous rounds.

The number of teams is not restricted. The number of players in the team - from 4 people. The game is played in rounds.

All information on the phone: +7 (921) 448-77-65

Official group games "Battle of Wits" and registration of teams:

Restaurant "Troika"

Saint Petersburg, Zagorodny pr. 27

August 30 at 20:00