On December 31 you will become not only the participant of a grandiose new year's dinner, from the heart have fun, will come off on a dance floor, but also you will visit the real circus, in circus in which there is no self-interest and anger, in circus in which smile and laughter reign!

Troika restaurant and Pig Funtik will plunge you into childhood: tons of cotton candy, balloons and soap bubbles, fresh, juicy treats from the garden!

This is just the beginning!

Leading New Year's Eve is known the Ringmaster, brilliant master of words, a juggler of rhymes and sonneteer Sergey Strelets, followed by the man of the orchestra, the saxophonist virtuoso, owner Bambino - Andrey Prud'kovskiy.

And also you will find the best in the world, but that there, in the world, in Russia - show ballet "Troika", with a bright New Year program.

Endless surprises, contests and sparkling humor will not let you get bored all night! All evening fun and original interactive, clowning, dance flash mobs, video illusions and of course "deadly number under the dome of the circus".

And deep into the midnight masters of drumsticks, synthesizer and great vocals, part-time Mrs. Durillo, Foxtrot and Pinscher senior-our ensemble "Until 6 am", take the holiday into their own hands - dancing to the bitter end!

Master of original style and tamer hunger chef Michael Dmitriev, who is also the uncle of the Focus Mockus, along with a fan of a tasty Pig Funtik will invite you to a gastronomic journey.

Literally on the doorstep
At the meeting you will be treated to the riches of the garden: fresh herbs, sweet corn, radish bunches, crispy carrots, onion feathers and the news of this healthy lifestyle will be accompanied by crispy cucumbers, beef bacon on a slice of black bread and chilled cranberries and horseradish. And we will treat gentle young ladies with cotton candy and a glass of champagne.

Starters at the table
"Fish meal" terrine of pike-perch and salmon, salmon of weak salt, eel of hot Smoking, mustard sauce and crostini.
"Meat meal" chicken liver pate, smoked pork, spicy meat roll, beef tongue, duck breast.
"Galantine" Poulard with wild mushrooms, pistachios and various spices.
"Olivier" with veal tongues, smoked meat and quail egg.

Individual starter
The legendary French Foie Gras on apple kurd with crouton of black bread, figs and berries.

Hot starter
Kataifi shrimp with seafood and Tom Yam sauce

Fruit sorbet with an airy sponge cake and meringue

Main hot dish
Exclusive, perhaps the last time in our city, "Wellington" made of marbled beef with mini potatoes, glazed vegetables and Porto sauce.

The unsurpassed imagination of the confectioners of the "Troika" - cake "The Three little pigs»

The list of alcoholic drinks will allow you to make a creative approach to the holiday! Alcohol is included in the ticket price.

The cost of New Year's Eve from 13 500 to 15 000 rub.

Attention! Due to the inability to transfer the New Year, we ask you to book invitation cards in advance!

Telephone: +7 (812) 407-53-43

Now all!